Orchard View


On your first visit to Orchard View, our host escorts you upstairs. Step through the double doors into the Master Suite and you will see why this is one of our starring attractions. Plush furniture, tasteful old-world décor, soft carpeting—every aspect of the room whispers sophistication. On finer days, join us outside on the Balcony—our spacious wooden terrace that overlooks the North and South Grounds and gives just a taste of everything we offer.

The Master Suite

The Master Suite is a quiet space on our upper floor where guests enjoy time to themselves or do their best thinking. Order a snack from the kitchen or sit down at the desk to tear into a complicated document. Spacious, well appointed and quiet, the Master Suite is comfortably set apart from the commotion that comes with event day.

The Balcony

Our Balcony is the ideal place to sit outside and relax. Think of it as an oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of event activities. Couples come here for a quiet moment alone on their wedding day. Corporate team leaders retreat here for breakout strategy sessions. All our guests appreciate the opportunity to simply sit and re-focus their energies.