Orchard View


The focal point of many of our activities, Orchard View is amply appointed. Enter from the North Grounds and into the Fireside Room. Order a drink at the bar and chat with friends. Join us for the day’s main event—a wedding, a business meeting or perhaps supper club—in the Great Hall. From the moment you enter our house, you’ll be at home.


The Orchard View Great Hall is named of course for its capacity, but the room’s full story is richer. Here is a space inspired by majestic views—of the Lake and the Terrace to the south, of the Bridge and the Cutting Garden to the north—yet which can be adapted to suit any purpose. Enjoy private functions surrounded by nature’s splendor. Or rely on our deep digital infrastructure to simply get business done.

The Lakeview Hall

When the time comes to host more intimate occasions, the Lakeview Hall is perfectly appointed. Sized to accommodate the needs of more modest affairs, yet nonetheless equipped with the essential amenities, the Lakeview Hall also offers a spectacular view of the South Grounds and, of course, the Lake.

The Terrace View Hall

Join us in the Terrace View Hall when the occasion calls for facilities to suit smaller gatherings. Everything’s here: ample seating, comfortable surroundings, attentive service staff. Get down to business as your event unfolds, or let your thoughts drift as you savour views of the Old Wooden Bridge and the North Grounds.

The Fireside Room

Your welcome to Orchard View begins in the Fireside Room. Relax in an old-world inspired study that suggests rich, supple leather, deep colour palates and a good book. Order a cocktail at the bar and linger. Quick chats here become deep discussions—something you’ll come to appreciate during one of our whiskey-tasting nights.