Orchard View


Rock salt. Charred leeks. Aged beef. Ingredients make a kitchen. And our kitchen is the heart of Orchard View. Executive Chef Tai Truong is a culinary genius. Professionally trained in the French school, yet locally and seasonally obsessed, he draws on his long experience to create a perfect menu for every occasion. Work directly with Chef Troung to plan the style and rhythm of the meal for your guests. The food from the Orchard View Kitchen will inspire and delight; a perfect accompaniment to your day.

Inspired Delight

Food is integral to any event, but it is sometimes hard to choose the right dishes for the occasion. Too light a meal leaves guests wanting more; too heavy leaves them lethargic. The kitchen staff at Orchard View consult with you ahead of time to learn your guests’ exacting requirements and then personally create unique menus that suit perfectly. The result: pure pleasure.

The Best of the World

Our culinary team believes passionately in bringing the best ingredients to your plate, whether from here at home or far away. Fresh, high-quality meats, grains and produce are the order of the day in our kitchen. Our priority is always to source locally, because we recognize the importance of supporting—and connecting with—farmers and growers we know by name.