The grounds


With day-long sun exposure, access to the Stone Terrace, the Pergola, the Island, the Orchard and lake wall, the South Grounds is our most striking orientation. This is where couples celebrate their nuptials, colleagues network and friends gather. Walking the South Grounds in the summertime is immensely enjoyable. Here you’ll make strong connections with nature. Stroll through again in the winter—or ride in our carriage—for an entirely different experience.

The Pergola

Look closely at the Pergola and you’ll discover an outdoor space with limitless potential. Gather here for formal photographs—the stone and waterfall in the background propose a serene natural setting. Join us for barbecue lunches in the summertime, or hot chocolate and beavertails on special occasions in the colder months. This is a gathering place. A spot for chats between friends—or intimate moments between lovers.

The Stone Terrace

Situated on the South Grounds, our Stone Terrace is the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining. Soak up the sun’s rays with a cool drink in hand, warm up by the fire table when day turns to night, or linger by the lake wall, soak up the soothing atmosphere and watch the day pass.

The Orchard

Our apple orchard inspired our name. A collection of a handful of native crab apple trees, the Orchard is best enjoyed in late spring and early summer when the trees flower. Year round, the Orchard is a destination guests seek out, whether from the comfort of the Orchard View House, or as a stop along a stroll through the grounds. Although we don’t suggest you eat the fruits from the trees, we have been told they make excellent wine.


Only those who visit the Island know how charming it is. Small, yes. Secluded, certainly. More than this, it is accessible and welcoming. When you stand under the gazebo on the island, you can’t imagine yourself anywhere else in the world. Time freezes in those few private moments. You’ll be captivated.