It’s not always easy to get work done at the office. Urgent requests, new challenges and constant interruptions pull even the most efficient among us away from important tasks. Sometimes getting away is the only way to get the job done. Let us help. Orchard View has been in the business of hosting corporate events and retreats throughout our history. We know what you need, we can accommodate large groups of people, and we’re conveniently located near the airport. No interruptions—guaranteed.

We Have What You Need

Getting away from the office doesn’t always mean unplugging completely. When you’re here, we make sure you stay connected. Our facilities include all the latest in audiovisual and digital hardware—including dedicated high-speed Internet lines—to give you the impression that you’re working in the office without actually being there.

Space for the Whole Team

Hosting the team at a remote location sometimes requires a mix of approaches: group meetings, yes, but also breakout sessions to inspire further creativity. We’re prepared. Bring the whole crew together in our Great Hall for introductory talks, then give them their marching orders and send them off to our disparate rooms for deeper discussions. We’ve got space for everyone here and can accommodate any special function.